Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The new style breakfast

I'm very much a tea and toast girl but my 29yr love of bread is showing on me and this is quite possibly the hardest thing I have EVER had to give up.

I particularly love fresh, crunchy, seeded bread and (if left alone) I would quite happily eat a whole loaf to myself ;)

My morning routine consists of one 3yr old running around with a rugby team's worth of energy (*jealous*), waking a grumpy 6yr old and trying my hardest not to grumble with the lack of sleep I have had. My tea and toast is like a magic pill, and as mentioned in my post 1st day of much needed diet it helps restore the calmer side of me and prepare me for the day ahead. 

I can't quite give up (and to be fair I still need the caffeine) my Yorkshire Tea but I have swapped my scrummy toast for a bowl of fruit and yoghurt.....#NotQuiteTheSame

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