Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Is garlic a girl's best friend??

I have a secret love affair with garlic (actually it's no big secret) but the downfall of this amour is that it gives you bad breath ;)

I think the only meal I have had today which didn't have garlic in was my breakfast! Wholemeal toast with a boiled egg and trimmed bacon accompanied by a hot cup of tea.

I later went out on my cake run with the youngest of my bumpkins and popped into the Co-op dragging myself past the fresh bread isle and picked up a scrummy lunch for the hubby and I. Stirfry veg, noodles, pork and prawns and yep some gorgeous garlic.

Munching on 3 cloves worth of garlic I suddenly realise I'm at the dentist and no amount of toothpaste and mouthwash is going to disguise this aroma even the kids are turning their nose up at me and the husband is trying to stay as far away from me as possible - he HATES it when I eat garlic.

Sitting in the chair and trying my hardest to hold my breath I pre-warn the very attractive female dentist I have been eating garlic, to which she just nods and gives a mumbled acceptance. Checking me over and giving me the bad news that I now need my first ever filling I see the drooling husband checking her out! I slip out of the chair and move over for his turn....

The drooling husband chats on how nervous he is (he really doesn't like dentists but I think the blonde is making this visit more comfortable) and giggles flirtatiously, to which she say's, 'don't worry I'll be gentle'.

I'm starting to feel a little uncomfortable with this but hubby's face changes and he doesn't look as interested........the beautiful dentist has been eating GARLIC!!


Tea tonight was left over stiryfry with homemade wedges....and yep more garlic!!

No exercise today - I did say this would be a slow process but I have been extremely good all day and think I deserve a little rich tea biscuit with a cup of tea.

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