Sunday, 5 February 2012

Juicy breast or thigh...? Now that is the question!

I've been brought up to believe that Sunday Dinner is a must as a family and it HAS to be a cheating and making spag bog or oven fish and chips..A full blown Sunday roast with all the trimmings: mash, cheese broccoli and cauliflower, honeyed parsnips, roasties, yorkshire pudding (homemade of course) and cabbage topped with the most important ingredient of this meal....homemade gravy made from the juices of the meat and also from the veg (ummmmmm droool ummmmm). We all sit down together (the one time in the week where we MUST sit and have a meal as a family) and chatter about the goings on of the week and basically just enjoy some quality family time over a hot tasty meal.

Since having my own children I have instilled these beliefs into my own family and make sure we all sit down together with no telly, laptop, playstation, DS etc to distract us from talking to one another. I may not always  stick to the 'roast' but it's the principle behind the meal that counts (right??).

Now I'm a breast girl and the hubby also likes a bit of breast so usually this is fine as the chicken obviously has two breasts, but the girls wanted some breast today so it left an unusual debate in my kitchen between my husband and I as to which one of us would have a piece of juicy breast or succulent thigh.....can't say that happens often ;) However, I won with the breast!!

Now as yummy as my usual roast may be it does not do any justice to the hips and at this junction in the diet I can't afford to slip (once I start I can't stop). So here is the slimmed down version of my usual full fat and very scrummy Sunday Dinner.

Roast chicken (remove skin before eating), mashed potato (made with skimmed milk and no butter), steamed veg and granulated (yep my hatred of granules is coming back to haunt me) gravy. I would have popped more veg on but forgot to shop last night ;)

Still very yummy and ...look....I'm drinking water with my meal!!

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