Sunday, 12 February 2012

Mr Sand Man bring me a dream...

"Innovators don't just dream, they remember their dreams"

I always remember my dreams and usually two or three different ones per night and find it quite unusual (and annoying to be honest) when my husband doesn't remember any of his. I wake up quite eager to share my weird and eccentric dreams (and sometimes racy *wink wink*) with him and wonder what exciting places and adventures he has visited in the land of nod for him to just grumpily shrug his shoulders and say, 'I can't remember'. Arghhh!!

My strangest (and yet ironic) dream which has stuck with me since childhood was that I was pregnant and still living at home. My Mum was outraged and said I wasn't old enough or fit enough to be a Mother and I had to get rid of this 'thing'. Terrified, I left my home and gave birth alone (bet your thinking what is strange about this....) to a ....LADYBIRD! I brought my 'baby' home and tried to convince my Mother that I could care for this tiny little angel and started picking leaves off the hedge in our garden to feed it....(cuckoo, cuckoo I can now hear you saying). So I guess this gives you an idea on what goes on inside my head and I don't necessarily need to be asleep ;) 
However, last night's dream woke me like a slap in the face! I dreamt my doctor had altered my medication and never told me the side effects. Having taken them as prescribed I started to notice a 5 o'clock shadow....I was producing male hormones! I shaved my manly beard with a lady razor (as this is all I could find being a woman an all) and could still feel prickles. Distraught and not able to get to doctors in the morning I cried myself to sleep. When I woke (in my dream still) my face was stinging, bright red and had the worst shavers rash ever. Now the weirdest thing about this dream is not that I am a man but that I felt like I could really feel (in my real world) all the pain and the prickles of this stubble. The shock woke me up!! Frantically checking my face with my hands and still feeling the burning sensation I sighed a BIG breath of relief to find I was in fact a woman! Phew!  

Never forget ladies to ex-foliate, cleanse, tone and moisturise - important routine!

Any dream annalists out there willing to share their analysis of this?

Illustration - Picasso, The Dream


  1. I too remeber my dreams, Michael however doesn't. I regulary dream about being pregnant and sometimes have the same dream night after night. I have cried in my dreams and woke in floods of tears. Maybe its a woman thing to remember my dreams.

    1. Ahh bless, it's been a while since a dream made me cry....usually the hubby having an affair and then I'm mad with him for ages afterwards. Poor man ;)I think we women are strange (but lovely) creatures. x

  2. I have realistic dreams too ..... Can be really horrid or very nice ;) I once dreamed I gave birth to a litter of kitten ha ha xx