Friday, 3 February 2012

It's a hairy experience..

Having for the first time in a LONG time gone and treated myself to a haircut and some fresh highlights I thought I would go all out and ask for a fringe! This is a HUUUGE step for me as I have a weird phobia about getting my haircut (also on mushrooms but that's a whole different story) and have to prepare myself for months for the scissor action (poor Nikki must think I'm a right one).

The reasonable and agreed amount for Nikki to cut off are 'eyelashes' - this means the hair has to stick to the scissors and must not fall to the ground. He's cutting too much if it does and I might just have a panic attack (it has been known).

So for me to decide to get a fringe cut in is not just a massive shock to Nikki but a great opportunity to actually snip off some hair.....and that he did. Totally love my new fringe and it's like an instant facelift, I look early 20's again ;)

Couldn't resist getting the eyelashes done to (the flipping pain though arghhhh) - awesome afterwards!

Feeling like I can take on the world now and really stick with the diet :))

Today's menu
Brekkie: Grilled bacon, boiled egg, beans and 1 small slice of wholemeal toast
Lunch: Forgot (whoops)
Dinner: Spicy pork salad with noodles
Treat: digestive biscuit 

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