Monday, 30 January 2012

1st day of much needed diet...

I decided to take part in a sponsored slim (29th Jan to 29th April) for still birth charity SANDS with the memory of my own struggles to conceive still very fresh in my mind. Having suffered over 7 miscarriages I (very nearly) resorted to the fact that I might never have children, but as some of you may know I ain't a quitter, and I now have two beautiful little girls (thanks to medical advances) and the thought of what Kirsti has gone through is so deeply upsetting that I knew I had to finely get my backside into gear, join the group and shed this babyweight.....although is it still politically correct to call it babyweight when your children are aged 6yrs and 3yrs? ;)

Anyway, the group of ladies (and men - sorry Andrew) met yesterday (me very hungover from celebrating my two best friend's birthday, come headwetting, come house warming come leaving party...and when I party I PARTY) for our very first weigh in by a lovely Slimming World Consultant with some not so lovely scales.

The shocking truth of my last 3 year's denial of just how big I actually am (I think I have some sort of reverse disorder to this a real medical condition?) hit me like a tonne of bricks and through my blurry hungover eyes I seen the numbers.......dare I reveal......12st6lbs!!!

Soooooo today my hubby made me omelette and beans for brekkie with a lovely cuppa tea (I need a cup of tea first thing in the morning to turn me from Mr Hyde to Dr Jekyll ;) or is it the other way round?? who is the bad one again??

Lunch was a delicious chicken pasta with a spoon of sweet chilli sauce and for supper I had roast chicken, salad and homemade wedges baked in fry light.

I also decided to leave the car at home today and I walked to shops, over to the cousins to visit the most beautiful baby boy ever, picked daughter up from school and chased 3 yr old down street when she decided she no longer wanted to go home! Exercise has never been a love of mine so will have to build up to this one...

Anyone wanting to swap their chips for a lower fat version and just as tasty can do so by following these very easy tips:
1. Cut up large baked potato into either wedges or chips (no need to peel)
2. Spray with frylight
3. Season with salt (I prefer sea salt), or chilli, or basil, or whatever you like...
4. Bake in oven until crisp...approx 40 mins
5. Eat and enjoy guilt free!!

p.s. before and after pics are being taken by the lovely PictureU gang, which I will display at the end of this 3 month challenge!

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  1. What a great idea to do a blog. Sounds like a great first day. keep up the good work.
    liz x