Monday, 20 February 2012

This Dancing Queen is going to Waterloo..

"Friendships last much longer than life lets us"

This post is inspired by a good friend, Patricia. A beautiful young woman both inside and out she is jetting off and experiencing the big bright world on her own (a braver girl than I). Although doubtful she will ever return I like to believe this is just an extended holiday.

Trish is a friend that I don't see on a regular basis (She's in Newcastle and I'm in Carlisle) but when we do meet up it's like we just saw each other yesterday and is heartbreaking when we depart again. When someone is far more special than they realise it makes you feel even more blessed to have them in your circle of friends. A million miles will never take away a friendship like that.

The leaving party was this weekend gone and although it was dreaded and not really wanted I knew if I didn't go I would regret for the rest of my life....and an AWESOME night it was indeed. In true Tricia style she danced the night away imprinting more fun memories on her loved ones and yep those darn shoes were kicked off within minutes of turning up. Cut and bleeding feet did not stop the 'Dancing Queen', plasters were not required as alcohol masked the pain and to be honest the blood trail helped us keep an eye on where ever she wandered off to ;)

There were speeches, there were tears, there was laughter and a surprising potty mouth from our gorgeous little Sarah (who is a teacher may I add). And of course there was a cake!! However, I don't recall anyone challenging the 'Dancing Queen' to a dance off....funny that ;)

A very hungover, tired and ILL Emma set back off to Carlisle (in my very comfy pyjamas and dark sunglasses - yep I really did drive home in my pj's) and blasted Rihanna from the speakers to try and keep me awake...when 'Farewell' came on. The WHOLE journey home I blubbed like a baby with it stuck on repeat! Finally hitting home that we will never see each other again, never party, cry, laugh, hug EVER again. A truly sad time for me.

Friends are a lifeline and essential in life and should never be taken for granted. It's not about how many we have or how popular but the quality of your circle and what you have to offer each other. Patricia reminded me that no matter how cruel life can be sometimes it shouldn't turn the person you are into the monster you have experienced. It is possible to absorb strength and become even more beautiful. That is you Trish, a tower of strength yet a delicate and beautiful butterfly.

Farewell my little luvey :)) xx



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