Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The cost of becoming healthy ££££

As a family of four our weekly shopping bills are never cheap but as we navigate the isles in Morrisons and load up on fresh fruit, vegetables, pasta, lean meats and sacks of potatoes we have to remove youngest from the seat so we can find room to put the essentials in....Yorkshire Tea and my amazing new mug!!!

Look what I found....

I notice the hubby is fine with whatever we put in the trolly (it's my turn to pay) and hasn't really double checked the price of things (like he usually does) but nothing prepared me for the cashier's announcement of, "that will be £199.98 please". WHATTTTT!!! The worst of it is I'll be round the Co-op mid-week topping up on milk, bread and even more fruit so it's not the end of the spending :(

This is what £200 buys you......hasn't even filled the fridge!!
My pocket may have been better before the diet but hopefully my waist line will benefit from the extra £60pwk spend on food! ;)

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