Saturday, 4 February 2012

I want a chicken!

My regular trip out to the farm to collect my free range eggs is an enjoyable time for both me and the kids. I get my free range eggs at a bargain price and get to see the wee hens clucking happily in their field and the kids think it's a day trip to the zoo!

Ella and Evelyn toddle off to chase the geese (although they tend to end up getting chased by  the geese) and pet the horse and I have a lovely natter with one of the most friendliest farmers I have ever met.

I remember last year when we visited he said 'they won't be producing any more eggs now lass as they are going out'.....I thought he meant he was putting them out in the field until he mentioned today that there won't be any eggs in April because they were 'going out'. So when I said 'but they are already out' he explained exactly what he meant....they were going to the slaughter house!!! I nearly died. The lovely hens which have being helping me bake the scrummy cakes all this time were going to die :( (sad day for Emma).

I've now begged the hubby if we can rescue them (bearing in mind there is 6000 of the cluckers) he calmly explained that we don't have the room in our garden but he'd happily let me have a couple. Bless him.

Now how do I decide which two lives I save!!

On the subject of my diet I'm really struggling today as I've done a lot of baking and really, REALLY want to eat the scraps....I've sneaked a few crumbs. That doesn't count though ... does it? ;)

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